Monday, 6 August 2012

Exercise - Vertical and horizontal frames.

For this exercise a selection of photographs are taken with each one being photographed in both horizontal and vertical format. 

The course notes indicate that it is natural to place the subject lower in the vertical frame than in the horizontal and my results show that I comply with that observation.
The notes also state that with a little effort the vertical shots work just as well as the horizontal ones, even though we naturally aim for horizontal ones unless we are shooting a tall subject.

Reflections on Exercise - Vertical and horizontal frames.

I really enjoyed this exercise because I was unaware that I generally do exactly as stated in the course book and take most images horizontally, reserving the vertical format for taller, narrower subjects.
Consequently it was really interesting to see that this is predominantly habit. Obviously some subjects are more suited to a specific format but I'm surprised to find that many of the images do indeed work just as well in either. It would be interesting to see the outcome if I consciously placed the subject more centrally.  I think I'll try some more shots doing exactly that and update this post with the results.